Hi my name is Vix, I am a body transformation specialist and the editor of Miss Fitness Life.

Since transforming my own body (see my pic just on the right) I have helped thousands of women to transform their bodies as well, first through my gym, and now through my online programs.
A lot of my clients were missing chocolate…so I set out to find them a solution.
I discovered that there is a special variety of Raw Chocolate that only grows in a small part of West Africa.
When this Raw Chocolate is organically farmed and hand-picked at just the right time it tastes amazing.

It’s Rich, Smooth and Velvety in texture and Sweet.
Because you can enjoy this raw chocolate without any added sugar or other chemical “nasties” I called it Superclean Chocolate.
Use Superclean Chocolate for:
  • Chocolate Slimming Smoothies
  • Chocolate Slimdown Treats
  • The Best Slimming Hot Chocolate Ever
  • Superclean Chocolate is the perfect way to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
  • Superclean Chocolate is so healthy you can enjoy it daily Guilt FREE.
How to use Superclean Chocolate:
Mix 1 tsp of Superclean Chocolate
Add 200ml of milk and stir
Microwave mug for 90 seconds
1 tsp of Superclean Chocolate
30g of Slimdown Smoothie Mix Powder
150ml of milk
150ml of water
A handful of ice
Yummy Slimming Snacks
  • You can get in awesome shape without missing out on the taste of chocolate.
  • Eating Superclean Chocolate won’t trigger cravings caused by added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Free Delivery
Delivery is Free and takes 2-5 working days all over Australia.

Once your order is on its way we also send you tracking information so you can track your package all the way to your front door.
Everyone who purchases Superclean Chocolate today will receive a Free Copy of my brand new “Ultimate Chocolate Slim Down Recipe Guide”
Slim Down Starter Pack Pure Whey
Everything You Need to Get Started with Slimdown Smoothies and Treats
Superclean Choc 300g +
Slimdown Smoothie Mix Pure Whey 900g
Free Delivery
Just Choc
Just Superclean Choc
1 x 300g
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Double Choc
2 x Superclean Choc
2 x 300g (Save $11.35)
Free Delivery
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get a Starter Pack in Raw Pea Instead of Pure Whey?
Free Delivery
Delivery takes 2- 5 working days all over Australia.

Once your order is on its way we also send you tracking information so you can track your package all the way to your front door.
How do I use Superclean Chocolate?
Superclean Chocolate is best used as part of a shake, homemade slimdown bar, treat or hot chocolate.

What are the Ingredients and Nutritional Information of Superclean Chocolate?
Where do you ship Superclean Chocolate to?
We ship to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. We are working on having Superclean Chocolate available in more countries as well.

How can I order if I dont have a Paypal account?
You can pay via credit card without registering with Paypal first- Click here for the instructions>>

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